Thursday, 2 June 2011

Disasterjunkie jargonbuster 2 - Camp coordination

Here we have another term that is used a lot in the field, camp coordination. But what does it mean? There could be several meanings but here is my favourite. Let's break it down.  According to the Oxford online English Dictionary

Camp - ... (of a man or his manner) ostentatiously and extravagantly effeminate

Coordination - the organisation of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively: an important managerial task is the control and coordination of activities

So putting them together we get extravagantly ostentatious and effeminate organisation and control of activities.

Ta Da!!

And who better to explain to us exactly what this entails but technical experts Julian Clary and Eddie Izzard?

For a start we all know that effective coordination requires strong leadership skills. In this video Julian points out the key characteristics of leadership that he thinks are particularly attractive.

And here we have Eddie Izzard regaling us with the lessons learnt, from a historical perspective, on how not to organise food distributions. 

So I hope these snippets will be of use to you on the ground. Carry on 'camping' !

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  1. I guess camp coordinating is best done as far away as possible from a camp. Camps can cramp your style.