Thursday, 16 June 2011

Damzel in De-stress

Hello readers!

I have been reflecting on the process of preparing for missions, the times in between and why it is so hard for me to relax. Also I wonder why it is that after years and years of traipsing from one mission to another I still manage to leave packing to the eleventh hour? Maybe packing items and clothing into a suitcase is symbolic of making order out of chaos...resist...resist...resist...

Anyway I then started reflecting on the good old concept of R&R - that elusive but all important rest and recuperation or rock and roll (I prefer the latter) many of us humanitarians are urged to take but hardly ever do until we are almost on the brink of leaping of the cliff of sanity like unsuspecting lemmings into the watery depths.

How do you chillax? Do spill the beans. And I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if we could crack managing stress in the field during our missions instead of teetering on the edge of said cliff? Perhaps we could get some help.  Like from masseurs sans frontiers (m.s.f), now they would come in very handy...

.... or from the International Rescue-remedy Corporation (i.r.c) or Scented Candles UK (s.c. uk) or Action Contre la Fatigue (a.c.f)..... Guaranteed to reach the parts other agencies can't reach. Get the picture? We could introduce a separate CERF to resource a pilot project - the Common Emergency-worker's Relaxation Fund as a risk reduction measure to prevent a one way trip to burn out street. Or we could have less of the 'flash' appeal and more of a 'flow' appeal as in a universal plea to 'go with the', but hey, it's just a dream for now......mmmm dream interpretation.....another thought...
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For now, thanks for reading and if you liked this, pass it on....

Peace, love and light,

Bravo, Bravo, Charlie...out...(for now) xxx

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