Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Washing in Wilderness 3

Are household chores getting you down when you are in the field? Is your laundry lacklustre? Do your safari shirts and branded T-shirts lie in a sorry, saggy heap in the corner of your tukul or tent, feeling neglected while you are out and about on yet another adrenaline-rush-emergency-response? Did you think 'steam iron' referred to a particular golf club used in sweaty, tropical climes in order to reach the 19th hole in time for a nifty G&T sundowner?

Well all that could be about to change. Why not take up that very well known adventure sport, extreme ironing?

Base pressing
Imagine that, wash days will never be the same again. Come rain or shine...

I like my trousers on the rocks, shaken not stirred could travel to some of the most remote, dangerous and inhospitable terrain on the planet...

Would you like your suit dry cleaned Sir? reach that ultimate pinnacle of achievement - a neatly pressed shirt!

Is that a weapon of mass distortion?

Disasterjunkie DJ's emergency ipod - groove on the move

You gotta love the Rolling Stones. They just keep rolling and gather no moss, it seems, as they did not attend Kate Moss's wedding to Jamie Hince  in 2011 as she would have wished but, undeterred, Kate still walked down the aisle to one of their hits, appropriately titled "You can't always get what you want" (aha! a tune to accompany the tricky task of organising targeted relief distributions...).

Anyway, I digress, where was I? Oh yes the Rolling Stones celebrated 50 years in the music business in 2012 by releasing a new album and going on tour, throughout which they embodied a fine example of Active Ageing i.e. "the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age".  Must be all the sex, drugs and rock and roll. I'd like to see the WHO put those on the essential medicines list!

Take Keith Richards for example, what a remarkable feat of resilience, bouncing back from disaster after falling from a coconut tree in Fiji onto his head and going on to actually remember enough of his life to write his autobiography and then become a pirate in the he didn't parley with a palm tree out there!

Oh do excuse me, sidetracked again...Disasterjunkie DJ chooses an upbeat little ditty from their GRRR! album to serenade you on your way to and from your next field assignment. I'm sure you'll find great comfort in the title "Doom and Gloom" and its opening lyrics:

"I had a dream last night that I was piloting a plane...
And all the passengers were drunk and insane..."

Sounds like the average UNHAS or ECHO flight doesn't it? So sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.