Monday, 17 November 2014

Disasterjunkie DJ's emergency ipod: For Humanity's Sake

Hello readers!

Disasterjunkie DJ here sharing with you the latest tune on my emergency iPod. 

Introducing you to Nahko and Medicine for the People ...

I picked this song especially for you, I think it will touch your heart and be food for your soul, it's called "For Humanity's Sake" and you can watch Nahko Bear and Hope Medford vibing below:

And for those of you who want to dive into those powerful and inspiring lyrics, here they are:

For Humanity's Sake

I hold my breath,
I hold my breath,
Have my head above the water,
Have my arms in by my side,
I swear that I'm not drowning,
I've been provided for this time,
Swim through my conditions, 
Integrate my train of thought,
With emancipation I'm learning to tie knots.

I hold my breath,

I hold my breath, 
For humanity's sake, 
For the way we hold the space, 
For every colour, every race or political taste,
Each repeated mistake, 
What a habit, what a waste,
To take, take, take more than you need,
An unconscious thing,
Many have been silenced,
But I have come to sing.

Soon to exhale,

Soon to set sail, 
There are men who cast their nets,
In search of purpose and respect, 
Comin' back with empty nests,
Forgotten all their privileges, 
I watch them pass on the sidewalk, 
I drink my coffee, write my thoughts, 
Check the weather, check my watch, 
I'm waitin' for the sun to drop,
So I can start a fire and signal all the plain, 
The world's about to shift again and we'll never be the same.

We ought take things far more personal,

Oh what do we stand for and is it salvageable.

What songs mean the most to you when you are travelling to and from mission, or when you are out in the field, or hanging out with team mates in your team house? I'd love to hear from you. Connect with me via the comment box below, or on my Twitter page here or Facebook page here.

Keep on hummin', keep on strumming  and keep on vibing! 

Peace, love and light, 

B.B.C. xxx

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