Thursday, 26 May 2011

In the unlikely event of an apocalypse

Hellooooo readers!!

Yes I'm still here on the planet despite the flurry of apocalyptic talk in the media following the revelation from Harold Camping that the world was going to end on 21st May 2011. Is anyone else out there? By the time 6pm on Saturday came round I thought perhaps I was in a parallel universe but no, reality reigns...or does it? I digress, but has anyone seen Harold? Was he raptured?...or ruptured by media hype?

Anyway the apocalypse, now there's an interesting topic for humanitarians for we see a fair deal of apocalyptic situations in many regions of the world, wouldn't you say? One need go no further than to mention the Heart of Darkness for an interesting example on which the film Apocalypse Now  is based. I'm sure many of us have had our Colonel Kurtz moments here and there probably in the same country Joseph Conrad's book is set in.

From a disaster risk reduction perspective, I wonder how one prepares for an apocalypse? Well hang on to your hats folks because the Centre for Disease Control has come up with a handy brief for, wait for it, wait for it that very likely event of....


What would you do if there was an outbreak of zombies? (no I don't mean in coordination meetings....sigh). Read the brief and be prepared. It is never too late.

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